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This Site is designed to List/Show drivers, their terrible habits, and uncalled for driving. When possible video or pictures will be posted. Many Cases, Links to Sites that contain information of Bad Drivers. Hopefully it was a one time mistake, but if they get caught again repeatedly, then someone should take note. We have reported observed serious infractions to State Police for years especially, WV. The State Police can no longer act on a caller's report. You may be a witness if it causes an Accident, but an incident must be observed by law enforcement for action. Sooo.... We felt a reporting site as others also have, and some have advanced better than ours. We have sent letters to THe WV Governor And 10% of WEST VIRGINIA Legislature. Last Session January 2007, A Bill introduced by others that a reporting site be reviewed and proposed that Drivers could be reported to a Database and after say 3 or more repetitive reports  then the vehicle and drivers should be investigated. We say each time a report is made a post card should be sent to the vehicle owner on Record, as the owner may not always be the Driver.
    Pages being designed to list roads, intersections dangerous, or need of care.
    Our biggest Pet Peeve, Those vehicles with covered or partially covered plates, and purposely so because they drive extreme, aggressive, and think they are Nascar drivers.
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